Gordon Sargent Delays PGA Tour Debut for Vanderbilt Senior Year

Discover why Gordon Sargent, a talented junior golfer, has decided to delay his PGA TOUR debut to savor one final year at Vanderbilt University. Find out how he plans to use this time to enhance his skills and prepare for the challenges of professional golf.

Gordon Sargent Ready for One More Ride at Vanderbilt

Vanderbilt junior Gordon Sargent has announced that he will return to the university for his senior season, deferring his PGA TOUR membership eligibility through the PGA TOUR University Accelerated program.

Sargent, who had already accumulated the necessary 20 points to earn PGA TOUR membership this June, has decided to stay at Vanderbilt and continue his collegiate golf career. He will then turn professional in June 2025 and have exempt TOUR membership through the 2026 season.

In an exclusive interview, Sargent explained his decision, stating that he cherishes the college experience and wants to make the most of his final year with his teammates. He acknowledged the rapid progression of his career but felt that an additional year of preparation would benefit his transition to the PGA TOUR.

Sargent aims to use his senior year as a “TOUR year,” trying new things and continuing to develop his game, much like Vanderbilt alum Ludvig Åberg did before turning professional. He believes the extra time will help ensure a smoother adaptation to life on the TOUR.

“While Sargent had the option to turn professional immediately, he ultimately decided that staying at Vanderbilt for one more year was the best decision for his long-term development and preparation for the rigors of the PGA TOUR.”

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