Golf Star MacIntyre Prioritizes US Open Preparation Over Memorial Tournament

Scottish golfer Robert MacIntyre, after clinching victory at the RBC Canadian Open, opts to focus on preparing for the US Open, foregoing the Memorial Tournament. Amidst questions of respect, MacIntyre defends his choice, highlighting his commitment to peak performance.

Golf Standout MacIntyre Prioritizes US Open Prep Over Memorial Tournament

Scottish golfer Robert MacIntyre has defended his decision to withdraw from the prestigious Memorial Tournament, stating that it reflects his ambitious drive rather than any disrespect towards event host Jack Nicklaus.

MacIntyre’s impressive victory at the RBC Canadian Open on Sunday secured his spot in one of the PGA Tour’s marquee events, which boasts a eye-catching $20 million (£15.7m) prize fund. However, after competing in six consecutive tournaments and with the impending US Open just a week away, the 26-year-old opted to return to Scotland for a brief respite before heading back across the Atlantic for the year’s third major championship.

“I miscounted the number of tournaments I had played, which was actually six, not five as I had mentioned in last week’s press conference,” MacIntyre explained. “It’s been an intense six-week stretch, with two top-10 finishes and a near-miss at Myrtle Beach, followed by my win last week. The mental toll of that schedule was significant.”

The decision to skip the Memorial Tournament, which is hosted by golfing legend Nicklaus, was not made lightly. As MacIntyre stated:

“If I had played the Memorial, the US Open, and the Travelers Championship, that would have been nine weeks in a row – a demanding schedule that not many players take on, except perhaps me, the ‘madman’.”

Addressing any concerns about perceived disrespect, the Scot made it clear that his withdrawal was solely about prioritizing his preparation for the upcoming US Open.

“This was all about doing what was right for me,” he stated. “After the exertions of the past six weeks, even playing the fifth week in a row at Colonial was a step too far. I felt it was the right decision to take a week off and get myself ready for the US Open.”

MacIntyre emphasized that his ambition to perform at his best in the year’s third major championship should not be questioned.

“Does preparing properly for the US Open not demonstrate ambition? It’s up to you to decide,” he said.

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