Dominance Defined: Korda and Scheffler’s Golfing Reign

Unprecedented dominance unfolds as Nelly Korda and Scottie Scheffler conquer their respective golfing tours, setting new records and leaving rivals behind. Witness their historic victories and staggering statistics.

The sheer level of dominance displayed by world number one golfers Nelly Korda and Scottie Scheffler has become truly astonishing. These two have taken their respective tours by storm, leaving their peers scrambling to keep up.

Korda, the reigning LPGA champion, has just completed an unprecedented five-tournament winning streak, capped off by a major victory at the Chevron Championship. This impressive feat has only been matched by two other players in LPGA history – Nancy Lopez in 1978 and Annika Sorenstam.

On the men’s side, Scheffler’s recent run has been equally jaw-dropping. The 2023 Masters champion has won four of his last five starts, including a T2 finish. His stretch of five top-2 finishes in a row is matched only by the legendary Tiger Woods.

“In their last 10 combined starts, Korda and Scheffler have beaten an astounding 1,163 fellow professionals, with just one golfer managing to edge out Scheffler at the Houston Open,” source.

Moreover, Korda and Scheffler have become only the second pair of world number one players in men’s and women’s golf to win majors in consecutive weeks, a feat first achieved by Tiger Woods and Lorena Ochoa in 2007.

Scheffler’s recent earnings have been nothing short of remarkable. In the last 42 days, he has amassed an incredible $16.3 million, putting him on pace to surpass his own single-season PGA Tour earnings record of $21.04 million.

The sheer level of consistency displayed by these two superstars is truly astounding. Scheffler has finished in the top 3 in 23 of his last 51 events, a level of dominance not seen since the height of Tiger Woods‘ reign.

With their respective tours on notice, the question remains: can anyone catch Nelly Korda and Scottie Scheffler in 2023? For now, it seems their reign of golfing supremacy is only just beginning.

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