Tiger Woods Battles Pain at 2024 Masters Tournament: Resilience in Golf

Read how golf legend Tiger Woods overcomes physical discomfort at the 2024 Masters Tournament, showcasing his unwavering resilience and competitive spirit. Despite challenges, Woods vows to push forward, igniting anticipation for his inspirational performance.

Golf Legend Tiger Woods Battles Through Pain at 2024 Masters Tournament

Augusta, GA – April 8, 2024 – Despite evident discomfort, golfing icon Tiger Woods vowed to return for the final round of the 88th Masters Tournament on Sunday, following a challenging third-round performance.

Woods, the 48-year-old veteran, shot an 82 – his highest-ever score at Augusta National – as he struggled with his ball-striking and putting throughout the day. Wincing after several shots, including a poor approach on the par-4 ninth, Woods acknowledged that he was not at his best physically, having endured multiple back surgeries and right ankle fusion surgery after last year’s Masters.

“The fact that I was not hitting it very good or putting well,” Woods said when asked about his biggest challenge. “I didn’t have a very good warmup session, and I kept it going all day today. Just hit the ball in all the places that I know I shouldn’t hit it. And I missed a lot of putts. Easy, makable putts. I missed a lot of them.”

The 82-time PGA TOUR winner’s round included seven scores of 80 or higher, his fourth such performance in a major championship. Despite the struggles, Woods remained determined to take the course on Sunday, stating that his team would work tirelessly to get him ready.

“My team will get me ready,” Woods said. “Kolb (physical therapist Kolby Tullier) has been awesome. It will be a long night and a long warmup session, but we’ll be ready.”

The iconic golfer’s resilience and competitive spirit were on full display, as he aims to add to his impressive tally of five Masters titles despite the physical challenges he faces. Golf enthusiasts will eagerly await Woods’ final-round performance as he continues to defy the odds and inspire the sport’s devoted following.


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