RBC Heritage Betting Trends and Player Insights at Harbour Town Golf Links

Discover the latest betting insights for the RBC Heritage event at Harbour Town Golf Links, featuring top players like Scottie Scheffler and Ludvig Åberg. Learn about the impact of the course’s challenging Par 3s on betting trends.

Harbour Town Golf Links, the scene for this week’s Signature Event, the RBC Heritage, is one of my all-time favorite golf courses. I had the privilege of playing there in the summer of 2020 and was struck by the calming respite it must provide for TOUR players, coming off the intensity of a major championship the week prior. This tranquility seems to be reflected in the betting activity, which has cooled off compared to the frenzy surrounding the Masters.

“The Masters business was great. We had the most wagering options we’ve ever done, and the response was good,” said Las Vegas golf oddsmaker, Jeff Sherman. “This week feels like a Masters hangover. It’s been a tad slow,” he continued. Sherman noted that Scottie Scheffler‘s Masters win was beneficial for the books, as his odds were so short that many bettors stayed away.

Scheffler and most of the TOUR’s stars are back in the field this week. Though he did not play here after winning the Masters in 2022, Scheffler finished 11th at Harbour Town last season when the tournament also had Signature Event status. “In the Outright Winner market, despite Scheffler being +400, he has proven to be more popular in terms of money wagered than last week at the Masters,” said Thomas Gable, Director of Race and Sportsbook at The Borgata in New Jersey.

  • Tristan Davis, Senior Manager at Mandalay Bay Race and Sportsbook in Las Vegas, echoed this sentiment, stating that “Scottie is the best-backed player this week. He has over 20% of the handle at +400.” However, it’s not all about Scheffler, as Davis added, “Due to the high-profile field, even right after the Masters, we are still seeing good money bet around on some other players.”

One of the players attracting significant attention is Ludvig Åberg, who impressed with a runner-up finish at the Masters. “It took a while, but the punters are now noticing Åberg’s rise up the rankings and more so after an extremely good debut at the Masters. I’m expecting this year for him to be one of our most bet-on players going forward,” Davis predicted.

The betting landscape also suggests that the Par 3s at Harbour Town may prove tricky this week. “The betting suggests that the Par 3s will be tricky this time around. We’re now at -200 for there not to be a hole-in-one for the entire tournament, and the punters have welcomed that with open arms,” explained Davis.

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