PGA Tour Champion Patrick Cantlay Switches to PING Blueprint S Irons

Explore how Patrick Cantlay, an eight-time PGA TOUR champion, transitions to PING Blueprint S irons after his long-standing loyalty to Titleist. Dive into the meticulous process of finding the perfect set and his upcoming tournaments, starting with the Zurich Classic.

Amidst the bustling golf season, there’s been a significant shift in the equipment of one of the game’s top players. Eight-time PGA TOUR champion Patrick Cantlay has parted ways with his trusted Titleist 718 AP2 irons, which he had used since 2017, and has upgraded to a set of PING Blueprint S irons.

Cantlay, known for his steadfast loyalty to the gear he’s comfortable with, made the switch in early 2024, ahead of the prestigious Masters Tournament. The change came as his backup sets dwindled and he felt the growing desire to upgrade his equipment.

According to PING Tour representative Spencer Rothluebber, the process of finding the perfect set for Cantlay was a meticulous one. Starting in December 2023, PING sent the player numerous iron options with varying lie angles and lengths. It wasn’t until the 2024 American Express event that they were able to precisely match the specifications of Cantlay’s old 718 AP2 irons in the new Blueprint S set.

The fine-tuning continued even after the Masters, as Cantlay and PING worked to dial in the details, including bounce, grinds, lie angles, and lofts. Rothluebber emphasized Cantlay’s particular attention to visual aesthetics, noting that the numbers had to be there in terms of spin and distance, but the overall look and feel had to be just right.

Interestingly, while Cantlay has made the switch to PING irons, he has maintained his longtime Titleist 915F 3-wood and TS2 21-degree fairway wood. However, he has also upgraded his driver, opting for a new Titleist TSR2 9-degree model in 2024.

This year of change for the eight-time PGA TOUR winner is sure to captivate golf enthusiasts as Cantlay takes the course. This week, he’ll tee it up at the Zurich Classic, where he and partner Xander Schauffele will defend their 2022 title and look to improve on their T4 finish from last year.

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