DP World Tour Chief Confirms Rules for Ryder Cup Eligibility Despite LIV Golf Defections

Find out how DP World Tour CEO reassures players like Rahm and Hatton about Ryder Cup eligibility amidst LIV Golf transitions. Understand the impact of rule enforcement on players aiming to compete in prestigious golf events.

In a statement, DP World Tour chief executive Guy Kinnings has confirmed that Jon Rahm and Tyrrell Hatton will not be exploiting any “loophole” to remain eligible for the Ryder Cup. This comes after Rory McIlroy’s initial reaction to Rahm’s move to LIV Golf in December, where he called for rule changes to ensure the two-time major champion could still represent Europe at Bethpage in 2025.

Kinnings clarified that the existing rules will continue to be applied, and suspensions for playing in unauthorized LIV events will count towards the next DP World Tour tournament the players are eligible for, even if they had no plans to compete in that particular event.

“It’s not a loophole because that’s the rules we’ve always had, and those are the rules we are going to continue to apply,” Kinnings stated.

The DP World Tour chief emphasized that the organization is not in a position to change the established rules, which were recently upheld in an arbitration panel decision. This ruling granted the Tour the right to sanction players for “serious breaches” of its code of behavior, stemming from 12 players appealing fines and suspensions for competing in LIV’s inaugural event.

Kinnings acknowledged that the specifics of how suspensions are applied may not have been widely understood, but reiterated that the DP World Tour will continue to enforce the existing regulations.

  • “All suspensions will count and you have to serve them. And the guys who’ve analyzed this in detail have said if they do it the right way, there is no reason why they can’t play in the Ryder Cup.”

The comments from the DP World Tour’s leader come as a clear message to Rahm, Hatton, and other LIV Golf defectors that the established rules will be strictly enforced, ensuring a level playing field for all eligible players seeking to represent Europe in the prestigious Ryder Cup competition.

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