Bryson DeChambeau’s Unconventional Strategy at the 88th Masters

Explore how Bryson DeChambeau’s creative play at the 88th Masters, including removing a signpost, secured a crucial birdie. Learn about his new irons’ last-minute approval and his determination to succeed amidst challenges.

Bryson DeChambeau took matters into his own hands as he maintained the pursuit of a second major title at the 88th Masters. The former US Open champion carded a second round 73 at a windswept Augusta National, where one of his three birdies came in unorthodox fashion on the 13th hole.

After hitting his tee shot into the trees, DeChambeau opted to play his second shot towards the adjacent 14th fairway, but not before taking it upon himself to remove a sizeable signpost.

“I picked up the signpost. I was trying to direct people, trying to get them to go to the restrooms,” DeChambeau joked in his post-round press conference.

The unconventional approach paid off, as DeChambeau was able to hit a great shot around the corner and capitalize on an open entrance to the green, sinking a nice birdie putt.

Interestingly, DeChambeau revealed that his new set of irons were only approved by the USGA 48 hours before the tournament began.

“We didn’t really think it was going to be non-conforming but they were, just the groove edge was just too sharp,” he explained.

The golfer and his team worked tirelessly over the weekend to ensure the clubs were in full compliance, finally getting the green light on Tuesday morning.

Despite the pre-tournament hurdle, DeChambeau’s grit and problem-solving skills were on full display as he maintained his bid for a second major title at the 2023 Dell Match Play.

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