The Amanera Resort, often hailed as the “Pebble Beach of the Caribbean,” lives up to its reputation as a paradise for golf enthusiasts. Its world-class golf course boasts an impressive 10 coastal holes, including a breathtaking five-hole cliff-top finale that promises an unforgettable experience.

Beyond golf, Amanera offers a unique blend of luxury and tranquility. Nestled amidst the Dominican Republic’s natural beauty, the resort’s sprawling property includes a private mountain with guided hikes leading to picturesque open-air spots for lavish picnics, offering sweeping views of the azure Caribbean.

One of the defining luxuries of Amanera is its spaciousness. Embracing emptiness as a form of luxury, the resort ensures that guests feel like they have the entire place to themselves. From expansive restaurants and bars to a lobby infinity pool and uncrowded beaches, every aspect of Amanera’s design fosters a sense of exclusivity and relaxation.

The resort’s activities cater to varied interests, with guided hiking tours and yoga classes led by expert trainers. For those seeking adventure, offsite excursions range from deep-sea fishing to kite surfing and rum distillery tours, ensuring a diverse and engaging experience for every guest.

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