Zurich Classic of New Orleans: Oysters, Golf, and Sustainability

Experience the fusion of golf and oysters at the Zurich Classic of New Orleans, where renowned chef Tommy Cvitanovich serves up a culinary delight alongside tournament thrills. Learn about sustainability efforts, oyster recycling, and environmental partnerships, all adding a flavorful twist to this golf event.

Oysters Take Center Stage at Zurich Classic of New Orleans

As the Zurich Classic of New Orleans tees off this week, golf fans can expect a unique culinary experience alongside the tournament action. Tommy Cvitanovich, owner of the renowned Drago’s Seafood Restaurant, is preparing to serve between 20,000 and 30,000 oysters across various hospitality stations during the event.

Cvitanovich, who also serves as the tournament chairman, will offer both his signature charbroiled oysters, featuring a mouthwatering blend of garlic, butter, and cheese, as well as raw “salty coast” oysters. In a nod to sustainability, the tournament has partnered with the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana (CRCL) to recycle the oyster shells, which will be used to create new reefs and revitalize the local habitat.

“So now you are building a natural reef that’s going to help us protect the coastline a little bit so it doesn’t erode as fast,” Cvitanovich explains. “Also to help grow land because now in between where this reef is – this oyster shell, man-made reef – from where that is to the (shore), that area now is going to start growing.”

The Zurich Classic’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond the oyster shells, with the use of biodegradable plates and cutlery, as well as the donation of leftover concessions to local food banks. Additionally, TPC Louisiana, the host course, has earned an Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Certification for its efforts in protecting the environment, including the replenishment of 15 acres of lakes and the replacement of invasive trees with native Cypress.

The Zurich Classic’s partnership with CRCL and its focus on sustainability aligns with Zurich North America’s broader commitment to positive action and environmental stewardship. “Zurich is committed to taking positive action for the future at this tournament, in our sustainable practices within our own operations, and in our work with customers,” said Alban Laloum, Zurich North America’s chief customer officer.

As golf enthusiasts gather in New Orleans, they can savor the flavors of Drago’s oysters while knowing that their enjoyment contributes to the preservation and restoration of the local coastal environment.

  • Tommy Cvitanovich, owner of Drago’s Seafood Restaurant, to serve 20,000-30,000 oysters.
  • Collaboration with CRCL to recycle oyster shells for reef restoration.
  • Sustainability initiatives include biodegradable utensils and donations to local food banks.
  • TPC Louisiana recognized for environmental conservation efforts.
  • Alignment with Zurich North America’s sustainability commitment emphasizing positive actions.

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