Trump vs. Biden Golfing Rivalry: Fairway Feud on the Political Stage

Delve into the intense golfing feud between political figures Donald Trump and Joe Biden, including trash talk and challenges. Discover the controversies surrounding Trump’s alleged cheating and Biden’s impressive swing. Will they settle their differences on the golf course?

Golfing Rivals: Trump and Biden’s Fairway Face-Off

As the 2024 election season heats up, the political rivals-turned-golfing-opponents, former President Donald Trump and current President Joe Biden, have taken their feud to the fairways. The two engaged in a historic first televised debate on Thursday evening, live from Atlanta, Georgia, where the sparks flew as they exchanged jabs both on and off the stage.

While the CNN flash poll suggested that Trump emerged victorious in the debate, with 67% of respondents saying he outperformed his opponent, the discussion soon descended into trash talk. Biden, boasting a previous handicap of 6 (which he later adjusted to 8), challenged Trump to a “driving contest,” claiming he would happily take on the former president on the golf course – but only if Trump carried his own bag.

“I’ve seen your swing,” and adding that Biden’s claim was “a lie.”

Trump, who once claimed a handicap of 2.5, was quick to dismiss Biden’s skills, retorting, “I’ve seen your swing,” and adding that Biden’s claim was “a lie.” The former president, known for his passion for the sport, has made no secret of his golfing prowess, even proclaiming himself the “best golfer of all the rich people.”

However, Trump’s golfing reputation is not without its controversies. According to sportswriter Rick Reilly’s 2019 book, “Commander in Cheat,” Trump’s golfing exploits have been marked by allegations of cheating, including winning tournaments that were not actually competed in, stealing opponents’ balls, and doctoring his own and others’ scores and handicaps.

Biden’s Golfing History

On the other hand, Biden’s golfing prowess has not been as well-documented in recent years. Once upon a time, the president was known as a skilled golfer, earning a handicap of 6.7 while serving as vice president. However, since taking office, Biden has taken a step back from the green, with his last recorded score dating back to 2018.

Despite Biden’s apparent hiatus from the sport, a recent clip from his Virgin Islands holiday showed that his swing is still impressive for a man his age. Trump, however, remains confident in his abilities, dismissing any claims of Biden’s club-in-hand prowess and stating that the president “can’t hit a ball 50 yards.”

As the political rivals continue to spar, the golf world eagerly awaits to see if they will settle their quarrels on the fairway. Golfer Bryson DeChambeau, a friend of Trump’s, has even offered to host a match between the two, which he would broadcast on his YouTube channel. This could be the only way to determine once and for all who reigns supreme on the golf course.

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