Francesco Molinari’s Epic Eagle and Dell Match Play 2023 Preview

Witness Francesco Molinari’s incredible eagle at the US Open as he secures a spot in the final rounds. Get ready for the excitement of the upcoming Dell Match Play 2023 event in the World Golf Championships series.

Golf Enthusiasts Awe-Struck as Molinari Makes Dramatic Halfway Cut in US Open

Golf enthusiasts were left in awe as Francesco Molinari made the halfway cut in the US Open in a captivating fashion. The former Open champion, who was seven over par on the ninth tee, defied the odds by holing his seven-iron tee shot for an eagle, improving his score to five over and securing a spot in the final rounds.

“I think from where we were standing, it looked like it just carried the bunker, plus the greens are getting firm, so it was the ideal shot,” Molinari recounted. “Then it started tracking, was going to break left to right at the hole, and we were joking with Serg (Sergio Garcia) about how it looked on a great line the whole way, but what are the chances really?”

The Italian golfer, who had just bogeyed the previous hole, was simply hoping to par the ninth and potentially get within birdie range. However, Lady Luck had other plans, as Molinari’s shot found the bottom of the cup in a moment of pure golfing magic.

“I don’t even know what to say. Just incredible,” Molinari expressed, still in disbelief over the unexpected turn of events. “I had just bogeyed eight. I was hoping I was able to par eight and then having to make a two at nine, with that flag if you hit a good shot you can get it within birdie range.”

The Dell Match Play 2023 event, part of the World Golf Championships (WGC) series, is set to take place in the coming days, further captivating golf enthusiasts around the world. As the sport continues to captivate audiences with its unpredictable moments, the BBC Golf coverage and the latest golf scores will keep fans informed and engaged.

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