Club Pro’s Rare Back-to-Back Hole-in-Ones at US Senior Open

Experience the remarkable display of golfing mastery as club pro Frank Bensel Jr. achieves back-to-back holes-in-one at the 2023 US Senior Open. Delve into the rarity, historical comparisons, and the thrill of this remarkable feat.

Golf News: Club Pro Achieves Rare Back-to-Back Hole-in-Ones at US Senior Open

March 2023 – In a remarkable display of golfing prowess, club professional Frank Bensel Jr. achieved the incredible feat of recording back-to-back holes-in-one during the second round of the 2023 US Senior Open at Newport Country Club. According to the USGA, Bensel’s scorecard showed aces on the 184-yard fourth hole and the 203-yard fifth hole.

The odds of carding two holes-in-one in the same round are an astounding 67 million to 1, as per the National Hole-in-One Registry. While the registry does not provide the odds for consecutive aces, this accomplishment is undoubtedly rare and a testament to Bensel’s exceptional skill and precision.

Although initial reports did not include video footage of the shots, the USGA later shared a post showing Bensel, the long-time professional at Century Country Club in Purchase, New York, retrieving the ball from one of the holes.

Rare Feat in Golf History

The only other known instance of a player achieving consecutive holes-in-one during a tournament occurred in even more remarkable circumstances. During the 1971 Martini International at Royal Norwich, John Hudson followed a hole-in-one at the 195-yard 11th hole with another ace at the par-four 12th, which measured 314 yards. Hudson went on to finish the tournament tied for ninth, earning £160 from the total prize fund of £7,000.

Bensel’s accomplishment at the 2023 US Senior Open has undoubtedly added to the rich history and excitement of golf, showcasing the exceptional skill and unpredictability that makes the sport so captivating for enthusiasts.

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